15 amazing ideas for French manicure

French manicure does not go out of fashion ever since it fits to any outfit. Besides, there are plenty of options that will diversify the classics.

Website made for you a selection of 15 ideas jacket design for every taste and color. They will make any image unique.

1. Mirror manicure h3>

2. Peas h3>

3. Barely visible gold h3>

4. Gold sequins h3>

5. Red and Black h3>

6. The combination of matte and glossy h3>

9. Black jacket h3>

10. Add a bit of silver h3>


11. Geometric jacket h3>

12. Black and white h3>

13. Another option geometry h3>

14. The bar h3>

15. Maroon with gold h3>

20 perfect color combinations for fall manicure

Future Manicure: nail polish for those who can not bear to paint nails

Art on the tip of the nail

via www.adme.ru/tvorchestvo-dizajn/iskusstvo-na-konchikah-nogtej-399205/


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