The most ridiculous outfits Hollywood celebrities this year

It would seem that Hollywood stars are the people who have to watch their style like no other, because they are public figures being monitored and on which millions are smoothed. But in fact, at the Hollywood celebrity is not always possible to look stylish and elegant, sometimes they are gaudy outfits and even ridiculous than cause genuine interest from the paparazzi who did not would not miss an opportunity to photograph the stars failures. Before you is not a collection of images of the most successful celebrities on the red carpet and in everyday life.

American actress and singer Keke Palmer (20) has not remained aloof from the rage and dressed in a dress Alon Livné with translucent bottom, which did not feel very comfortable, posing for photographers video> Despite the fact that the dress Michael Costello was in the chest deep cut that does not provide linen, singer Ashanti (33) is not attended to the special adhesive tape or overlays. This negligence has not gone unnoticed - on the red carpet, she tangled in the floor attire, and when he bent down to fix, bared breasts

Singer and actress Selena Gomez (21) dressed in very tight jeans, stressing the so-called "camel hoof»

The bottom of the dress the stars of the series "Beverly Hills 90210. The new generation of" Anna Lynne McCord, (26) like a fringe from my grandmother's curtains

The eldest of the sisters Kourtney Kardashian (35), judging from her along on the street feels like in my bedroom before going to sleep

The young American singer Zenden (17) dressed in a strange ensemble of Emanuel Ungaro, which would have been appropriate in the early 90's dashing

"Very nice, the king!" Winner of "Oscar-2014", the lead singer of a rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto during a European tour in favor with the crown Dolce & Gabbana on the head, crowning his already enchanting costumes

British actress and the face of the fashion house Chanel Keira Knightley (29) walk the next creation of chief designer of the brand Karl Lagerfeld, the bottom and top of which - from different operas

The star of "Twilight" saga, and the face of the fashion house Chanel this season, Stewart fulfills its obligations under the contract laid, appearing in public in the works of Karl Lagerfeld, who each time becoming more and more strange

American actress Chloe Sevigny (39) demonstrated a unique style on the streets of New York

The most feminine of the planet male model Andrej Pejic (22) dressed in a translucent skirt that not every representative of the fairer sex dared to wear!

Queen outrageous Lady Gaga (28), even for a walk with his French bulldog named Asia as the leaves on the red carpet

Recognized recently by the Council of Fashion Designers of America's icon of style Barbadian pop star Rihanna (26) demonstrated a boudoir style, out into the streets in a silk nightgown and sneakers Converse

Jeans with ruffles and a sports bra on the red carpet? Yes, if your name is Rita Ora (23)!

Who plays Hermione in the films about the boy wizard Harry Potter, Emma Watson (24) is not flattered himself strange dress Dior

Thrice nominated for "Oscar" and received the coveted statuette for her role in the movie "My boyfriend - crazy" American actress and face of Dior House Jennifer Lawrence (23) at the Fashion Week in Paris appeared in a dress of the brand that looked full face quite elegant, and Profile overly frank

"Oscar-winning" rocker Jared Leto (42) so subtilen that can easily dress up in tight pants women's collection from Chanel, which he showed at Fashion Week in Paris. Look completed the cowboy boots and the women's collection from Chanel, looked grotesque

Model on the Chanel show in exactly the same trousers


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