Where children sleep

This is a story about how different the fate of children around the world, told through photographs, children's bedroom. Author of the project - British photographer James Mollison - thus raises the topic of children's rights in different countries. Nothing, and does not reflect the position of the child in the family, as his room or even its absence.

Differences between children and their bedrooms are striking: on the outfits the girls from Tokyo proud mother spends $ 1,000 a month; Bilal - shepherd boy, who sleeps in the open air with a herd of goats belonging to his father; Nepalese girl Indira works for granite quarry three years.

Pictures of children and their rooms became the basis for a book of photographs, "Where children sleep." "I hope that this book will provide a glimpse into the lives of children who live in a variety of settings around the world; the opportunity to reflect on the inequality that exists, and understand how we, the people of the civilized world, still lucky "- says James Mollison.

Dong, 9 years, China

Jean David, 10 years, Colombia 56,656,185

Indira, 7 years, Nepal

Raynnon, 14 years, Scotland

Kaya, 4 years, Japan

Bilal, 6 years old, the West Bank 4,850,610

Ankokset, 8 years, Amazonia, Brazil

Reese, 15 years, Japan

Lewis, 10 years, England

Alex, age 9, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ryan, 13, of North Carolina, USA

Bikram, 9 years, Nepal

Joey, 11 years, Kentucky, USA

Lamine, 12 years, Senegal 1,747,878

Lei Lei, 4 years, Thailand 99,273,464

9 years, Ivory Coast 91,498,886

Rotti, 8 years, Cambodia

Neto, 11 years, Nepal

Douha, 10 years old, West Bank 91,704,572

Jasmine, 4 years, Kentucky, USA

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