Surprise from Japan

That's how take the car, and there - useful such a gift. From Japan with love.))
Here's a case occurred in humans:

Forester looking at an auction. With the turbine. With the hatch. Found.

The translation is not confused but encircled the phrase "fine-tuning (modifications, alterations) behind the cabin." However, would be happy to large built-in subwoofer.

Come look at the car TSW. Open the door, rests in a strange lantern on top.

Open the back door and horror of horrors - a workbench. More precisely workbench. The reaction of the owner censorship words to convey difficult. Innocent question, "Can it shipped back to Japan?" Remains unanswered. However, four of them with difficulty dragged him out of the salon, Japanese gift turned out to be incredibly difficult and more tightly bolted to the floor.

Workbench took the whole room, the back half sidushki was not simple. On profusely scattered through the cabin filings have not been paying attention ...


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