20 quotes all understand Grigory Gorin

rare films differ in the quotes so fast as the cost of movie scripts Grigory Gorin. Ironically, very accurately, he notices the details of everyday life and is easy to convey to the readers and viewers an inexplicable attraction of the absurd.

Birthday satirist Website gathered a few quotes from the screenplay for the film, which is especially loved by the audience - "The Formula of Love" and "That Munchhausen".

Time is necessary to fill the event, then it flies Heart subject to reason. Feelings are subject to heart. The mind is subservient to the senses. The circle is closed. With the mind began, finished intelligence. It turns out that the whole universe of my mind the essence of the game. And if you agree with me, then you, too. - You say that man can raise his hair?
- Always! Thinking person would have from time to time to do it. Well, getting married, what will happen? I'll walk all day in a robe, and my wife - a special, which should serve the ideals of love - when I will order the noodles and starts to eat it! Hypochondria has severe adultery, which contains the spirit of continuous sad state. Here medicine knows various means, of which the best and most harmless - a conversation. Word treats the idea drives the conversation. - On what complain?
- At the head complains.
- It's good. Easy breathing, heart pounding.
- i> And the head?
- i> and the head - the subject is dark, is not subject to the study. Please celebrations were planned. Then the arrests. Then he decided to combine. What one person gathered other zavsegda parse can Well, do not change to me because every idiot?! Li > Coley Dr. hungry and sick easier. Creepy city: no girls, no card playing. Yesterday in a restaurant stole a silver spoon - no one even noticed: felt that it did not exist. Are you sure to kill a man to realize that he is alive? I was warned that staying in Russia demoralizing effect on immature minds. - i> I'm trying to tell you about that? About the meaning of life! What man lives on earth? Tell me!
- i> How do both at once? And then - where he lives? .. If we, in the province of Smolensk, is one ... And if in the Tambov - more ... Jacob, we're not leaving here ever. We perish. I understand everything, Jacob. All aliens in Russia will die near Smolensk - What are you waiting, sir?
- You are a guest, you are supposed to shoot first. However, in this book adventure twice as much as I have done in reality. When I cut, I suffer, but when the supplement - is becoming unbearable! - You can be a migraine?
- Thank God, no.
- Start! Every modern man must have a migraine ... Wonderful topic for conversation! I am not afraid to be funny. It is not everyone can afford. I understand what your trouble. You're too serious. A serious person - is not a sign of intelligence, gentlemen. All the nonsense on the ground to do just this expression. You smile, Madam, smile!

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