40 lessons of style from Evelina Khromchenko

In order to be attractive and beautiful, you need to know a little feminine wiles. The best thing about them can tell a person who is an expert in the field of fashion and style - Evelyn Khromtchenko.

Black pants, white shirt, a bright scarf. The secret of success - simple solutions.
  • The best trainer, to get rid of muzhikovatoy gait - tight skirt on two hands below the knee.
  • Remember the law: voluminous sleeves - smooth hair, short dress - tight tights, saying outfit - shoes silent. Let the attire will be only one active zone. It's not terrible, if it's your eyes.
  • Even Yves Saint Laurent noticed that turtleneck - a great way out of any situation. It is beautifully clings and stresses the chest, while hiding from prying details.
  • Jeans as plastic surgery can either be fantastic to improve the shape or totally spoil it.
  • Traditionally, the right investment - Classic cashmere sweater with a V-neck.
  • Mothers should definitely teach daughters to dress. Error - to think that a woman by nature knows how to dress up, painted and brush the hair. dress can tell about a person a lot more than he'd like that.
    • Good taste We need to train every day. When you stop doing it, then no matter how much you may be years, 19 or 75, begins aging.
    • Do not be a perfect beauty, to please everybody. There should be a beauty though any indent.
    • In the wardrobe of any woman's clothing is divided into three types - for yourself, for friends and for men. Do not confuse these outfits.
    • If you go on a date, it is better if the dress highlights the difference between the chest, waist and hips.
    • Review your collection of scarves, shawls and lipsticks. When the scarf and lipstick sound duo, you'll look great, even when wearing a dress the color that you like, but it is not yours.
    • If your skirt or dress is lifted up when walking, you definitely needed another style, size, or more. are no ugly women - have bad barbers.
      • Do not be afraid of high heels. In stores you can find shoes or boots with high heels that are very comfortable and can be worn from morning to evening.
      • If you want to visually lengthen legs - choose shoes to match pants.
      • If you put catchy dress, be sure to make a simple hairstyle, not to distract the attention from him.
      • Do not be shy of its forms. All that the Lord has given you beautiful. And if it is beautiful, it is necessary to emphasize their shape. The main thing - do it wisely and carefully. evening there is a set rule that should shine one thing. Or a dress or accessory.
        • If you have a problem of excess weight, heel often plays a crucial role in helping to hide figure flaws.
        • Fashion - this is not the feathers and rhinestones, fashion - This skirt that sits well; This trousers that lengthen the leg; This dress, which she wore - and flew. Fashion - this is when the woman picked up a new bag, and it has changed lives.
        • In order for any age look beautiful at the same time elegant, refer to proven solutions: tuxedo studs, a tiny bag clutch. < /
        • The new dress - tools cheaper and safer than the therapists and antidepressants.
        • If you want to go up the career ladder, dress as if you're already there. < /Take the money set aside for a rainy day, and buy yourself a new pair of shoes. And maybe a rainy day would never come.
          • Excellent kit for all occasions - a black turtleneck, short pants with elegant shoes on a small heel and stockings to match the shoes and pants.
          • Little black dress adorn a woman at any age. The only thing that should be done very grown ladies - is to wear thick black tights.
          • The Red Dress - is the cry, burgundy dress - a point of view, a black dress - a vital position.
          • costume jewelry should be chosen so that it was clear that this jewelry. If the jewelry is not trying to wishful thinking, you will look luxurious even among women, shining with natural stones.
          • To attract the attention of others, you can simply: lipstick bright lipstick, wear huge sunglasses, pick up a bright bag . Fear of boring sets and lack of accessories.
          • cheap stuff, decorated with crystals tend to look vulgar.
          • The well-dressed man - is the one on whose clothes do not pay attention. In the foreground there is the man himself, his face. This is precisely the role of the classic basics.
          • Jeans are never urgent - jeans are only well seated.
          • In every man there is something that can turn it into a star. < /
          • The heel gives the woman some instability, and thus will certainly find a man who wants to support it.
          • Sport chic is not sold in sports shops.
          • The women love with their ears, and his ears like diamonds.
          • Goodbye stress! Hello, excess weight.
          • The thing is to work for a long time, be inherited, especially if it has a good name. Evelyn Khromtchenko

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