15 bag of tricks in psychology, which is useful to know everyone

These psychological tricks to make life easier and help to cope with stressful situations.

When a few people laugh in a group, , each instinctively looks at the man who him more likable. Or the man he wanted to be considered a close. If you're nervous, and you will be responsible business , chew the cud. So you can relax, because subconsciously time meal is associated with security. If you someone yells, stay calm. Perhaps this you even more angry interlocutor, but when he felt a strong sense of guilt for their behavior. If the answer of the interlocutor does not suit you , or you feel that it is incomplete, not to ask again. Just look closely at the man in the eye. Then he will be forced to continue the conversation. It turns out that not only affect the facial expressions of emotion , and vice versa. So if you want to feel happy, smile as widely as possible. As a result, you'll smile quite sincerely. Where possible, try not to start sentences with the words "I think" and "I think». It goes without saying in your speech, but shows sometimes unnecessary uncertainty. Before an important interview imagine, that the interviewer - your longtime friend. So you will feel freer and will worry less. If you learn to express just a great joy to meet with someone, that will eventually be glad to see this man. People tend to give way to you in smaller, if previously denied you something more. The physiological expression of stress in many ways similar to the symptoms of excitement: heavy breathing, heart palpitations and so on. d. If you can look at the stressful situation as a challenge, the negative effect of stress decrease. Most people do not distinguish between simple confidence of, that you are really good at something. If you are all kind show that you are confident in their actions, people will be drawn to you. If you have a lot to work with people , set behind the mirror. Many customers will behave politely - because no one wants to see himself angry and irritated. If you're at the meeting expect from someone strictures , try to sit down with this person. In this case, it is likely to wear off and you will not be able to arrange a beating with the same force, which he could feel being at a distance from you. The first date is best done in a place like this, where you can get more positive emotions. Subsequently, a pleasant experience to be associated with you. Try to determine when getting acquainted himself eye color companion. Eye contact increases the chance to feel the mutual sympathy.

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