"Eastern Atlantis" 5 facts about the mysterious and beautiful city at the bottom of the lake in China

At the bottom of the artificial lake Kiendeo surprisingly found now an archaeological treasure: a lost ancient city of Shi Chen.

1. The first underwater research flush the city took place in 2001, when it was discovered in the ruins saved about 265 arches. Size Lion City - about 62 football fields.

2. Lion City was built in 25-200 years. n. e. at the foot of the Five Lions. Shi Chen is still not available on the surface of the lake and is located at a depth of 26-40 m.

3. With the help of diving lamps in the supply of the city can be something to consider only two meters. During the dive it became clear that even the wooden beams and staircases remained intact.

4. At the Lion City was five city gates, each with a tower. Before he was buried under the water, there were six stone main street that connects the corners of the city.

5. Bizarre carvings engraved on buildings, were found when the Chinese National Geography has published photos taken by archaeologists / divers reopening underwater "lost" city.

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