In the Amazon jungle tribe lives in language that has just three words for numbers - the "one", "two" and "many"

lives in the Amazon jungle tribe of hunters and gatherers feasts (Pirahã), whose language contains only three words for numbers - the "one", "two" and "many." And the "one" and "two" at the feasts are in fact one and the same style, differ only by raising or lowering the intonation that confuses even more. But that's not all the difficulties. The first word (ie, "one") can sometimes be used to mean "about one", "a little" and the word "two" can mean in fact "not much." The exact numbers do not exist in the language of the tribe simply because they have no need. Feasts have less developed social structure. Money, too, they do not believe the currency replaces barter. In connection with this language feasts limited only 10 consonants and vowels.




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