International Competition for air guitarists


For nearly 15 years in Finland hosts an annual contest Air Guitarists. Air guitar is played by people who are not able to play on a real guitar, but they really want to - after all here to represent the main game, and the more emotionally better. Tear imaginary strings, falling to his knees, waving his arms - it's all standard methods of air guitar.

Since 1996, the International Air Guitarists Competition held in the Finnish city of Oulu and is part of the Music and Video Festival in Oulu. Initially, the air guitar contest was conceived as a joke, side entertainment festival guests. But over time, these fights have gained real popularity, almost more than the festival. Now, in order to be able to perform at the festival, it is necessary to pass the qualifying rounds in their respective countries. At the end, participants performed two songs, one mandatory and the other - by choice. Well, the main prize in this competition is, you will not believe, a real electric guitar.




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