Deep Sea devil - one of the ugliest animals on the planet

Deep monkfish (Deep Sea Anglerfish) looks like a creature from a sci-fi world. Perhaps it refers to the ugliest animals on our planet and lives in the most inhospitable environments - on a lonely dark seabed.

Suschestvet more than 200 species of anglerfish, most of which lives in the gloomy depths of the Atlantic Ocean and the Antarctic.

Monkfish luring his victim elongated dorsal spine, curving it around the bait, while the end of the spine glows to attract unsuspecting fish to his mouth and sharp teeth. Their mouth is so big, and the body is so flexible that they can swallow prey that is twice as much themselves.

Females usually larger in size and can grow up to a meter in length. But the most surprising thing is not that what it looks like or hunts monkfish and how it reproduces. Males monkfish lose the ability to digest food for as grow. The only way out - vgryztsya in females. So the two individuals merge, to the extent that, as the skin of the mouth and the skin of the male in the place of the bite of the female dissolve in each other. The male loses all his vital organs and becomes parasitic sperm spray, which is attached to the female.




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