The war in Congo

In the Democratic Republic of Congo war again. However, that means again? She goes there for ten years, almost without ceasing. Just now, she broke out with renewed vigor after a brief lull in the beginning of the year. In August, the rebel General Laurent Nkunda and his Tutsi rebels launched an attack on government troops of President Joseph Kabila, supporting Hutu rebels. UN troops are in the country to cope with the situation and can not defend themselves for the most part, not the civilian population, which is cut out by thugs from both sides. Quarter of a million refugees in the country hardest brewing humanitarian disaster. To plunder case-shoot of connecting more fighters and tribal Mai-Mai and Hutu movement with the romantic name "kill together." This whole cocktail thoroughly mixed throughout the country already plagued by decades of civil strife.

Government troops patrol on a road near the village of Kibati in eastern Congo

In the refugee camp Kituku. The three-year Prosper shows what "mosquito net" it has.

Government soldiers killed on the road in Kibati

A boy carries water in a refugee camp near the base of the UN forces in nodding.


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