Work in the mines in the Congo

Civil wars, poverty and humanitarian deficit for the past 10 years have devastated the Democratic Republic of the Congo,

taking more than 5 million lives. Rich in mineral resources, Eastern Congo is actively developing mines,

which is mined cassiterite (tin which is also called the stone and used for the production of tin) and coltan

(Which is prepared from the ore of tantalum). These metals are needed for the manufacture of capacitors and soldering circuit boards and modern electric circuits,

which are used worldwide in mobile phones, handhelds, and other digital devices.

Congolese women and children, daily work in the mines, earn less than $ 1 a day. The whole process of production,

transit and sale of ore in Congo controlled by illegal armed groups.

Collected in the compilation of the pictures were taken not far from the Congolese town of Bukavu photographer Tom Stoddart,

known for its shocking images of Black Africa.


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