4 animals, who ran for mayor ... and won!

Sometimes people behave strangely, for example, is given power over the city in his hands, or rather feet of animals. Here are four cases when the animals occupied the post of mayor.

1. Cat Stubbs - Talkeetna, Alyaska

This cat is not only to get a place the mayor, but also takes it for 15 years. True, he does not run the city, but rather a village, with a population of only 900 people. However, 15 years - an impressive term in office even for a man, so Stubbs apparently very good at his post.

Stubbs was in the mayoral seat, when one day, during the elections, none of the candidates did not like the locals. For the sake of a joke someone is nominated for high office cat, and the villagers unanimously voted for him. Later, they decided that the cat-mayor - a good tourist attraction, so Stubbs still regularly re-elected. Most of the time the mayor of Talkeetna sleeping, hanging around in the yards of their constituents and playing with the other cats who do not have political influence.

2. Dog Bosco - Sunol, Kaliforniya

Mayor of Sunol 13 years honestly served Bosco dog, mixed breed Labrador and Rottweiler. His appointment to the post of mayor was of symbolic and comic character, but in 1989, the Chinese Communist newspaper "People's Daily" has resulted in the appointment of Bosco in his article as an example of the fact that democratic elections - complete nonsense, and power can reach even the mongrel. Then the defenders of freedom of elections brought Bosco in San Francisco and staged a rally outside the Chinese Consulate, declaring dog Mayor symbol of democracy and freedom.

3. Goat Henry Clay III - Lahitas, Texas

Mayor Lahitasa knows the best way to cope with the heat in a sunny day: drink a pint or two of beer and chill out. Henry himself would gladly took his own advice, but that is only problematic when instead of hands - the hoof. However, many tourists are always ready to help the mayor, because Henry - not just a politician and representative of the dynasty, ruling Lahitase from 1986, when his grandfather was first elected to the post of head of the city. It is worth mentioning that all the mayors-goats in the city is the mascot of the beer produced there.

4. Lucy Lu - Rabbit Hash, Kentukki

In 1998, the German Shepherd Dog Goofy was elected mayor of a quiet village in Kentucky. Actually, frankly, Goofy apparently bought these elections.

The whole story began under the guise of raising money for the local church, where every parishioner to the dollar could vote for their candidate. And you can vote as many times - pay a buck and vote. Goofy walked his two-legged opponent, received as many as 8,000 votes. Apparently it was no coincidence ...

Since that fateful day, the city chose two more dog-mayors now occupies the chair Lucy Lu, Mayor collie.

5. And the cat Freddy Mayor Sharon, Wisconsin, we have already mentioned, look for more details!

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