5 interesting facts about the movie "Nian"

We present our comedy "Nian", ideal for sharing with friends. Watch movies online cinema Viaplay, and before that, read some interesting facts about it.

1. On the posters of the film written by the personal phone number of John Hill - (917) 409-7838. By calling, you will hear the answering machine, who will speak to you on behalf of Hill's character - Noah Dzheyboda. There is even a small chance that the actor will answer itself.

2. This film - the last one, where you can see the complete John Hill. After that he lost weight.

3. Garvey, played by Sean Patrick Doyle, was added to the film even after the script was ready. Prototype Garvey - eccentric athlete met Jonah Hill on Venice Beach.

4. At the beginning of the film, when Noah first enters the house, his mother prepares tea. It - one of the funniest "kinolyapy" because the lid from the kettle is open, therefore, he can not make a sound.

5. In the scene after the accident minibus wig Marisa about 10 centimeters longer than usual, and it looks at the four kilos heavier. In the next scene her hair again become shorter, and she miraculously lose weight.

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