The bloody videogames do violent children

Moreover, they are able to exert a calming effect, says issledovanie

According to recent research, violent video games do not contribute to the development of aggression or other mental disorders in children. Moreover, they are likely to have a child in the "calming" effect - in particular, help with attention deficit.

Researchers Christopher Ferguson and Cheryl Olson tested 377 children aged under 13 years suffering from attention deficit disorder or depression - all the children were members of the state project on the impact of violent video games on children's psyche. In some cases, children spend their leisure time for such games, in real life started to behave calmly.

Probably does not make sense to look for a link between aggressive or criminal behavior of adolescents and computer games, and that many young offenders addicted to them, can be explained by the fact that video games at least occasionally play all children who have a computer.



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