Mysterious Self-1940s: who is this man?

For almost 30 years, the mysterious man made about 450-minute photos of sebya

The first known self, taken with the camera and fotokabinki, creating a mysterious man more than 70 years ago.

Historians still do not know who was actually the first "self-addict" in history, but he nasnimal more than 400 photos of a loved one. Presumably, he did them between 1930 and 1960 of the last century. This means that he was fond of self long, even very long, but always did approximately the same pictures.

The original photo archive discovered historian Donald Lokuta - he bought from a New York seller of antiques whole lot of things, including a photo. But Lokuta has no idea who the man in the photographs, what he was doing and so on.

One and the same person posing for the lens in different clothes and different expression on his face. One can see in his hair over time appears silver, and on the face - wrinkles. In some photographs he grins at the other frowns and wrinkles then very clearly show through on the forehead.

Lokuta believes that a mysterious man could work fotokabinke and perhaps made his pictures as a test. Outwardly this man is unremarkable - a man as a man, there are millions. Other noteworthy - the similarity of pictures, repetition of the same composition. This is what makes them special.



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