For the first time since World War II peace on our planet is threatened

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new report by the Institute for Economics and Peace (USA) shows that world peace is threatened, after six decades of steady growth.


Annual report entitled "Global Peace Index" refers to the main culprits of militant attacks and the growing criminalization, particularly in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan and the Central African Republic. In the Middle East, South Africa and Asia increased the number of people killed in militant attacks. The number of murders is growing rapidly in growing urban centers, and a large number of refugees forced to flee the war zone.

The report shows that:
  • with the year 2008 in 111 countries of the world level has decreased, while only 51 increased;
  • Europe maintains its position as the most peaceful region 14 out of 20 most peaceful countries;
  • planet has become less peaceful in the past year due to terrorist activity, increasing the number of conflicts and refugees;
  • 500 million people live in countries with a risk of instability and conflicts - 200 million of them live below the poverty line;
  • the global economic impact of armed violence has reached $ 9, $ 8 trillion over the past year, which is two times more than the total volume of GDP of Africa. ul > Institute for Economics and Peace has created a video summarizing his report: b44f200928.jpg

    "This is due to several reasons - said in an interview with" Reuters "Steve Killelia, Founder and Executive Chairman of the IEP. - It is the result of the "Arab Spring", the growth of terrorism, especially after the invasion of Iraq, and the global financial crisis. " The study examines 22 indicators on the 162-m countries, including military spending, the number of murders and deaths resulting from the conflict, the level of civil disobedience and terrorism.

    Scary stuff. These are the dangers of a multipolar world in which there are non-state actors with narrow interests.

    Below is a map showing the drop in the index in every country of the world:




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