How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew in just 5 seconds. Amazing life hacking!

Previous .cc tell you how to open a bottle, covered by a metal cover of the paper. Today, we have prepared a life hacking, which will save you more than once. Did you ever in a situation where it is necessary to open a bottle of wine and a corkscrew is not at hand? In such cases, in the course are all available materials: forks, knives and screwdrivers, but more often they are ineffective. Now you can open any bottle of wine in just 5 seconds.

This video shows that you need to open the bottle only take shoes. Then the bottle and your hands remain intact.

Remember this method, and he'll be sure to come in handy at a party or in the countryside. Corkscrew is easy to forget at home, but without shoes from the apartment just do not go out!

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