9 obvious ways to help the brain. You'll be surprised by their ingenuity!

Do not stop in its development! Alas, the human laziness knows no limits. Lazy be bad because the lazy person hurts himself above all. As soon as you stop, you stop to evolve and to be given enough time to get better, you automatically become worse. Our brain - full of laziness, or rather, a host, and a brain. If you are accustomed to think in stereotypes, every day to do similar things and walk the beaten path, your brain stops growing. These are not empty words - how often we meet people who flatly refuse all new? At every step! That's because they allowed the brain to relax and have ceased to develop it. Our simple tips will help you keep your brain in good condition to a ripe old age, keeping a sober mind and a sharp mind.

1. If you feel uncomfortable with the changes - Listen to yourself. For example, you buy a coffee the same brand is not the first month. It disappears from the shelf favorite store - and all you have to despair. It is better to try another, no less a quality brand. From little things is our life, we do not forget. Change - it's natural life is in constant motion and the brain must be plastic to keep up with the changes around.

2. That's enough to reread the book! The brain, which reads a new book, watching a new movie and - very important! - Listening to new music, improved, there arise new neural connections. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to become better!

3. Walk new paths. If you always go the same way, try another route. Pay attention to the new buildings, which will meet on your way. It is very well activates the brain.

4. Listen to new music. The more you listen to new music, the better your brain! Switch to the radio, watch for the new album - it will enhance your ability to analyze information and improve memory. When you listen to the usual composition in the brain are formed engrams - the so-called memory traces, established neural connections. We are not interested in a large number of engrams, we need new. Thanks to them, the brain keeps you young!

5. Meet new people. New people - new experience. Sometimes it's scary and strange new friends in the community, but, believe me, for you to communicate with them very valuable. Psychologically pleasant to chat with old friends tested, but the interaction with the new persona makes the brain work better absorb new information and provide fresh ideas.

6. Establishments dog. The dog will make chaos in your life, what breed would you choose. Walking, animal welfare and emerging domestic issues will help your brain does not stagnate on the site.

7. Forgotten how to criticize. to criticize the new changes and say, used to be better ... much constructive criticism to replace the search benefits in the new situation. In all, you can see at least two sides, remember that!

8. Come hang labels on people. It is not always the person who drinks alcohol is today - an alcoholic. A man with a bad mood - not necessarily cruel boy. Dubbing someone so deep down, you'll take it biased. After all, the brain too lazy to assume that everything is much more complicated, and every person - is multifaceted ...

9. Use your new perfume. New odors - perfume, spices, tea, face cream - a palette of new sensations. Adds new smells in my life, and the brain will be much better to think.

10. Learn a foreign language. to learn a new language, memorizing new words, you very well you train the brain. To protect themselves from the ossification of the brain and the deterioration of his work, you can learn poems by heart - every day one. It can turn even fascinating hobby!

Monotony kills the brain and causes premature aging. Fill your life with bright moments, even if every day will not be like the previous one! Your brain is required to react to it - creative ideas, a good memory and exceptional sharpness. It's great, is not it? Share this post to all your friends, it will be especially useful to people aged!

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