This checklist will help you avoid becoming a hostage of the information war. Be sure to save it!

Take advantage of this memo and do not let make himself hostage false information!

1. Any war is over.

2. Do not like the opinion of another person, but really want to speak - Speak about this opinion, not about the man, because more often than you do with him personally do not know.

3. Hating people unfamiliar to you - it's pathology.

4. The relationship between people is very difficult, even at the level of the family or the workforce. Between the States still difficult. Everything is simple and clear just fools. Do not rush to conclusions - do not be a fool.

5. Politicians agree, and you stay with the mud, which you poured "their ideological opponentsĀ».

6. During the war lie ALL. Does not cover the information, the truth of which is not sure at 101% (or can not check). If you want to write something, write only what I saw with my own eyes. It's fair. The rest - participation in lies.

7. You want to express their attitude to politics - shew, it is not necessary for someone to offend.

8. Each nation is made up of different people. Not everyone involved in war - it is not necessary to offend everybody.

9. Always remember to remain human and para 1.

And most importantly - do not forget to share this with other reminder!

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