20 random fotoillyuzy, after which I ceased to believe in the reality!

Today the possibilities of Photoshop and other graphics editors allow literally work wonders. It is difficult to surprise the special effects that are created by a computer. I is a true delight when it turns out to create fotoillyuziyu only through the camera and the incredible skill of the photographer.

Editorial prepared for you 25 screens that will transform your perception of the world!

1. That's what happens when you wash the car very well. B>

2. Wait, who are holding an umbrella? B>

3. Where is the top? I'm starting to feel dizzy. B>

4. I would like to know what's going on. B>

5. I no longer believe in reality. What's going on? B>

6. The oldest child in the world. B>

7. This guy has a good wedding dress. B>

8. Girl centaur preparing dinner. B>

9. This is probably the lowest in the world of football. B>

10. Somebody give this guy on the basketball! B>

11. Baby better. B>

12. A mysterious floating island. B>

13. Dogs, too, are in a traffic jam when they are driving. B>

14. Fantastic two-headed goat. B>

15. It must have been a lot. B>

16. Why is this guy holds a head of a camel? B>

17. The girl with the longest legs in the world. B>

18. If I saw this, I do not be afraid to joke. B>

19. Smartest girl. B>

20. Giant doves come. B>

Hard to believe that the creation of these photos do not use any graphic editors. Only creative people with an excess of imagination can make such pictures. I no longer know what to believe. Maybe the whole world - it's just an optical illusion? Who knows?! These pictures can not help but surprise. Show your friends these pictures, confuse them!



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