The best positions for the year 2014. It is simply impossible to miss!

2014 gradually came to an end, which means it's time to determine the ten best positions for all the time of its existence. Why of all time? Yes, because it was the 2014th start to launch the project, which quickly gained popularity among the Russian-speaking audience. 10 of our finest materials. 10 certainly different posts, views that simply did not fit in my head again ... Let us recall the most interesting and sensational together.

9. 20 shocking photos of the most popular celebrities without make-up. B>

On three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water flowing ... and what terrible celebrity without makeup. I bow to all the makeup artists, who do not let these celebrities out of their studios until the image is complete. After so scared you can!

➜ / foto-znamenitostey-bez-makiyazha

8. On the surface it's just old rusty cargo container, but it's worth a look inside. B>

How often do you have a desire to apply the old unnecessary things? The same idea has arisen, and the creators of this unusual property only as a basis, they have not holey socks and a plastic bottle and old rusty cargo container. What they did? Look and learn!

➜ / rzhavye-konteynery

7. She poured a pint of "Coca-Cola" in the toilet ... Just look what happened! B>

Another unusual application, now with "Coca-Cola". I think we all know that this drink - one of the most hazardous in the world. But I guess you know that it can be used for useful purposes. For example, if the hand was not a cleaning agent, the "Coca-Cola" could replace it, when it comes to cleaning toilets. Strange but true.

➜ / koka-kola-chistit-unitaz

6. These works are considered classics, but they are hiding something mystical. B>

But this collection of classic works makes me horror. Look carefully at these pictures and you will understand why I say so.

➜ / zarisovannye-kartiny

5. They just sat down ... and blew the whole Internet! B>

I do not know about you, but I am viewing this video was a lot of fun! The guys managed to do the unthinkable. I bet you will want to repeat it?

➜ / igra-v-ladoshki-s-pesney

4. He just took off the sea and the beach, when suddenly something happened unthinkable! B>

This wonderful story of salvation will make you once again believe in human kindness! Witnesses of the accident applauding the guy, and it was deserved.

➜ / spasenie-delfinov

3. Within 4 weeks the woman drank daily for 3 liters of water. B>

But why? Seeing the result, you'll be stunned! And I am absolutely sure that you, too, want to try it for such an effect!

➜ / ochishchenie-organizma-s-pomoshchyu-vody

2. The girl put a few coins in the hat musician. What happened after that stunned the city. B>

Another dose of positive emotions and aesthetic pleasure. The act of the girls called a sequence of events that led passers speechless with surprise. This is really exciting!

➜ / orkestr-sabadell-flashmob

1. This girl photographed themselves every day for a year. B>

The undisputed leader of our portal - video, arouses pity and anger at the same time. Recent photos of the girl's shocking. Unfortunately, this is happening in our society every day, and with it a need to fight!

➜ / domashnee-nasilie

Everything that we do - we do it with soul and inspiration. And we are very pleased that our creations to you to taste! And if your friend has not yet heard of - gone with him this post. Let the coming year, he will meet with a smile!

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