On the run

A bright future is not far off ... It all hell knows where.
Homeland - from God, the state - from the devil.

Diet - a short-term attempt to live long, tasteless and foreign recipes.

If your inner voice expresses extreme irritation and to carry out - the wife.

Promise - a distant relative of FICO.
Always give people a second chance, and never let the third.

Climbing the tree of life bitches go around and do not listen woodpeckers.

Never anyone proves nothing. It's your personal life, and not a theorem in geometry.

Man - funny creature. He did not give a shit for the rest of the people, but he wants them all to like.

Sometimes a man so harden family life that he is no longer afraid of the afterlife.

Stomach smarter brain, because the stomach is able to feel sick. The brain also ingests any rubbish.

Only a person can look at what is there and see what he wants to see.

People are so funny surprised when you start to behave with them in the same way as they do to you.

And yet not haunted by the question: how to manage these priests to fast so that then the robe on his stomach did not nalazit?


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