Mercedes began producing its own battery systems for home

The company Tesla relatively recently started to supply to the market battery systems for homes and businesses. What can the installation of such a system at home? There are several options. The first - the accumulation of 15 kWh of energy from renewable sources (if any) that allows you to store the excess energy, and not give it to the network (for the power company is sometimes paid, sometimes not). In addition, the battery system can be recharged in the hours when energy is cheapest, and use this energy when the energy company supplying its maximum price.

Announcement systems Powerwall and Powerpack passed with great fanfare, and many users as private entrepreneurs, and corporations interested in the project. At the same time Tesla in this area begin to appear competitors, and quite serious. Now the company Mercedes has announced plans to enter the market with its systems of this type.

Tesla launched the Powerwall, two models of 10 kW ($ 3,500) and 7 kW ($ 3,000). System dimensions are approximately one meter on, with a thickness of about 18 centimeters. Powerwall comes with support for home heating control and the ability to control the Internet. Charge the battery can either solar panel or wind generator (if installed), or from a stationary source of electricity. The average American household consumes 30 kWh of energy per day, which means that you can ensure the right amount of energy at peak time and when the energy is most precious. The system is and UPS, allowing electricity to your home or office is, even when the local energy infrastructure is having problems.

Powerpack - a "big brotherĀ» Powerwall, a system that is designed for businesses. This system can be scaled, and even work in large enterprises. Thus, 100 kW units can be combined in a system of 500 kW to 10 MW.

Mercedes produces a system that can be scaled. Thus, the modules 2, 5 kWh each can be collected, making the system up to 20 kWh. This, of course, less than the industrial system Tesla, but for home and small business is enough. Mercedes, might be offered, and custom systems for business users who need a lot more. As for the price, the Mercedes has not yet submitted the data.

Nevertheless, one can assume that other companies want to compete with Tesla. It is likely very soon we will hear about a similar system in China.



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