Scientists continue to attempt to contact the probe Philae on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

As you know, landing probe Philae on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko was not very successful. Probe sat three times, took a few pictures, transmitted to Earth a large number of scientific information, which managed to gather a couple of days, and hung up. Disabling rather care in sleep mode was due to lack of energy: the probe was in shadow, and its solar panels do not produce the required amount of electricity. The European Space Agency (ESA), is responsible for the mission Rosetta, has done everything possible to get in touch with the probe, but to no avail.

There is no connection for several months, but there is hope : Comet gradually approaches the Sun, which means that it is likely that the sun's rays still get on photocells probe. Furthermore, the surface temperature also increases, thus avoiding the negative effect of low temperatures on critical machine components.

Team Philae (Aerospace Center Germany) at work i>

Already probe receives approximately two times more energy than in November last year. However, the surface temperature may be too low for operation of the device - for exit from the probe must hibernation temperature to rise above minus 45 degrees Celsius. At Philae has its own heating system vital components - and for heating is now the lion's share of the energy produced. According to experts, the shortage of energy produced all the energy reserves are directed to the heating and the probe "asleep." As soon as the number of received energy exceeds a certain limit, the device wakes up

Scientific instruments on board the probe

After the "awakening" of the probe will start every 30 minutes to try to contact Rosetta, including the receiving unit. If the amount of energy generated exceeds 19 watts, and earn two-way communication.

Any news about @ Philae2014 yet? DLR_de Koen Geurts informs directly from LCC.
#WakeUpPhilae #Rosetta - DLR - English (DLR_en) 13 March 2015 blockquote> The situation on March 13, a comment from a member of the team Philae i>

Yet to receive a signal from the probe fails. But scientists do not lose heart. Now they will try to contact the Philae until 20 March. Then attempts to continue in April.

In any case, every day chances awakening probe and, respectively, receiving a signal from all of the above. So while we can only wait and hope.



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