SpaceX another step closer to signing a contract with NASA on the transport astronauts to the ISS

SpaceX Dragon capsule to get even more chances to transport astronauts from Earth to the ISS and back. NASA has approved the implementation of the space program by SpaceX, according to which the brainchild of Elon Musk becomes one of the "space taxi" on the transport of astronauts.

If all goes well, and further, SpaceX will receive from NASA contract for the carriage of "passengers", it has to happen somewhere in 2017. When the capsule Dragon will run into space with the launch vehicle Falcon-9.

to obtain a contract from NASA SpaceX company must pass a series of certification stages, some of which have already been overcome, and some - still remains to overcome. However, NASA's happy with the way things are going in SpaceX, and stage ┬źcertification baseline review┬╗ already passed .

By the way, a similar "space taxi" to transport astronauts from Earth to the ISS and back designs Boeing. As with SpaceX, and with Boeing was awarded a multibillion-dollar contract to develop space transport. Now both companies are trying to meet the requirements of the contract, and in time to cover the deadlines.

The main objective of NASA - get several transporters to transport astronauts and unload themselves to perform more futuristic applications, including the flight of astronauts to an asteroid, the transfer of the object to orbit the moon, studying the asteroid and Mars flight. All this is detailed in NASA plans to 2030 .



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