Most book city in the world

Hay-on-Wye would never have become world famous, if not the only one of its unique features. This town with a population of one and a half thousand people, on the border of England and Wales, is considered one of the centers of trade books.

It all started back in 1961 when a local resident, Richard Booth (Richard Booth), opened the first second-hand shop in a former firehouse. He sent a couple of his friends in the US and they started to buy for him heaps of used books at libraries in the country. After purchasing the book containers were sent to the UK, on ​​store shelves Richard. Over time, the glory of Mr. Bout sold around the world and many libraries themselves with joy began to send him books. By 1970, the ninth year, Hay-on Wye has become known throughout the world as a city of books. Today in the town of about 40 second-hand bookshops, hosts an annual literary festival, and the village visited by about half a million tourists in one year.


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