BRDM VIP class

BRDM-terrain vehicle (S 5.5 VIP-class). A single instance. Fully manual assembly. Road speed to 120 km / h on the water up to 12 km / h. V-8 engine boosted 5.5. Armored Corps, the color black and green pearl chameleon. The machine is equipped station satellite communications system, air conditioning, television audio equipment, sonar, powerful upper spotlight, night vision devices, strobe, GPRS navigation system, leather interior, and so on. Garbage.

Motor spec. destination ZMZ-41. Carburetor, Gasoline, 8-cylinder engine with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders at an angle of 90 degrees with a highly turbulent combustion chamber and screw the inlet ports.
Nom.moschnost 140hp at engine speeds 3200ob.
Maks.krutyaschy time of 353 Nm at engine speeds 2000-2500ob.
The minimum specific fuel consumption of 333 (245) g / kWh (g / hp-hr.)
Bore x stroke, 100h88mm.
Weight: 271kg.
Fuel: AI76
Compression ratio: 6, 7


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