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New Year is just around the corner. And, despite the machinations of global capitalism, we all want a holiday. Classical to tree, mandarins, "Back to the Future" and Olivier basin. And be sure to gifts. Otherwise it would not be New Year, and a late dinner with champagne and president on TV. We decided to support pledged a year ago tradition , and found a lot of things that each boom would have been nice to get a gift for chiming clock.

Drone that follows the master

Drone can follow the pre-created route, landing yourself and return to base. But today it will not surprise anybody. The main "trick» IRIS + in another. This kind of flying dog that always follows his master. Enough to carry any device with Android-function GPS.

Drone can be equipped with camera mount for GoPro, and then it turns into a beautiful videographer. An indispensable feature for all those who prefer outdoor activities and would like to remove yourself from the outside. By the way, accounting for the route of flight, you can specify at what points should you wait for the drone and where to send the camera at this point. Also, it is possible to hang a stabilizing gyroscope.

Cost: $ 750 in the base set.

Robot MiP

Very interesting game - a small two-wheeled robot MiP , which can be controlled by gestures and sounds. Suffice it to literally hand to show him where to turn or move. The robot can follow you to dance, compete in different disciplines with the same robot to transport various trivia, and more. Can be combined into a single "network" of up to eight of these robots, and they will move in sync. Of course, the robot can be controlled from your smartphone. On the official website there are more than a dozen short videos demonstrating the possibilities MiP.

Cost: $ 99.

Infrared Camera Smartphone

external infrared module for smartphones running Android and iOS (however, it is not suitable for all models, check the list on the site) which allows you to shoot both in the dark and in the light of . The developers claim that the registration of the heat source is possible at a distance of 300 meters, and the identification of a specific person - at a distance of 50 meters.

Applications this gadget a lot: he will find in the dark intruders find a leak or heat sources, determine the temperature of various objects, etc. However, the delivery of this gadget mail - a gamble. The customs office can be attributed to its special technical means intended for secret information (Art. 138.1 of the Criminal Code).

Cost: $ 200.

Camera V.360

Well, when there are one with firm hands, ready to take you to the appropriate angle. But, alas, this is not always: sometimes there is no organizational or technical capabilities, and not all friends are equally useful as operators. For such cases, and came up with a very comfortable camera V.360 . It is a cylinder, inside which a rotating around a vertical axis of the lens.

Shoot camera can both sectors, and fully 360-degree panorama. Very strange sight, by the way, the brain is constantly confused. There are auto-rotation, a kind of "wiring" the subject. Dust and moisture protection for the camera meets the standard of IP67, so feel free to drop it in the water, most importantly, do not leave it there for long. Also, the camera is compatible with mounts GoPro.

Cost: $ 399.

Race cars, robots Anki

Raise your hand, those who in childhood did not like to play the electric race cars, ezdivshie on closed roads. It's not like only to those who have never tried it. The guys from the company Anki carried this gentle feeling to the machine through the years and put them into a completely different technological level. < br />
Trails are printed on a large sheet of thick film inside which the wirings. They need to be guided and cars could not move down the road. The fact that the person operates the machine only within certain limits, essentially "rules." And for keeping on track and work with the "transmission" responsible application running on iOS- or Android-device. And the more you play, the "smarter" eventually becomes your machine, the more famously she goes.

And on their smartphones / tablets players can activate the virtual weapons, and the game becomes a race for survival. Computer game ported to the real world, except without a real fire and explosions.

(viewed from 1.18 minutes) i>

Cost: $ 99 minimum configuration. You can buy more separate tracks and cars.

Animated books

As a child addicted to some improvised animations in notebooks. Draw on the same page at the corner of the picture to the next page in the same place you draw has slightly changed the picture. On the third page you draw a new frame, and so on. Then peel back the whole corner notebooks, and gradually let go of the corners of the pages. They quickly turned over and get home-made cartoon.

Today's children are now looking at it in amazement. But if your child was such fun, you will surely impress these Japanese анимационные booklets .

Cost: an average of $ 14.

The electric motor bicycle Rubbee
And the last one in our selection of geek gifts became electric bicycle Rubbee . Christmas gift too, but do not all live in these latitudes, where there is snow in December. Give Christmas bike ride!

This module is attached to the seat post (before it is necessary to remove the rear wing) so that the wheel motor pressed against the rear wheel of the bicycle. In addition to the module of the motor is integrated battery. Its energy reserve is enough for about 40 km travel at speeds up to 25 km / h. Weight of the entire motor unit 6, 85 kg, a full charge takes about 3 hours.

Of course, the device is unsportsmanlike, in the sense that after installing the rider to do anything and do not need. Sit yourself, without straining, while you carry, but the brakes in the right moment. Dream velosibarita.

// video>

Cost: $ 995.

What kind of unusual gifts, you know? Write in the comments.



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