How will the settlement on Mars?

Hi-Seas project aims to find out how in the case of relocation to Mars, people will live. Six members of the crew of the future take part in an experiment where the conditions will be as close as possible to the conditions of human existence on Mars. Eight months, six people will spend on a volcano Maina Loa in specially built house.

Scientists do not just want to find out how hard people will adapt, but also how new housing suitable for human existence in difficult conditions for it. Specially designed home has all the necessities of life, where almost nothing. As planned by scientists, if all goes well, by 2030 Earthlings will land on a nearby planet.

house has a hemispherical shape, very high ceilings and an autonomous energy system. This system is based on hydrogen fuel cells. The house also features a modern printer, capable of printing items necessary for life. Thus, the study participants will be able to create the most necessary parts and some of the tools themselves.

The house is over 1000 square meters. And 8 months crew team will hold its territory. Outside the test will be released exclusively in the suit, as it would be on Mars.

Area of ​​the house is divided into several rooms, including a bedroom, shared living room, kitchen, dining room, storage and inventory. In the bedrooms there is a low-bed mattresses, corner work. In general, the situation can be called Spartan - nothing extra was observed. High ceilings are specially designed to prevent the claustrophobic people. The daily schedule of the team members present physical exercise for health and strength.

Scientists have also provided a delay on the channel of communication with the "Earth" in 24 minutes.

Draft Hi-Seas was created with support from NASA. This is the second experience of similar studies in an environment close to the Martian atmosphere. It is also planned, and the third stage, which will last a few months longer than this. This year, the project was invested 1, $ 2 million.



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