Traditions zhivoedeniya

1. Octopus

In Korea, this dish is called Sannakji - live octopus seasoned with butter and sesame seeds. During the meal, the octopus muscles still work, so it pays to be careful that it is not caught on the tongue, or throat.

Live frogs

In China, Japan, is a popular dish, which is the main component - live frog. Prepared using specially grown frogs.

Fruit bats

Fruit bats, or flying dog - a popular delicacy in Asian cuisine. Their fried, boiled, stewed, and so on. One of the dishes - fruit bats living in coconut milk. Animals caught entirely placed in boiling water, but the table is served still alive, to fill coconut milk and adding vegetables.

Casu marzu

Kasu Marci - the signature dish of the island of Sardinia - it is nothing like goat cheese with live insect larvae. Thanks larvae fats found in cheese, decay rapidly, and the dish becomes very tender and tasty.


In Denmark, you can file a delicacy of lettuce, seasoned chilled live ants. Incidentally, it is worth about 300 dollars a dish.

Live shrimp

In China and Japan shrimp served at the table live. Their fry on low heat and eat immediately, because if stay with meals and agile animals can disperse. It is recommended to chew such food, or shrimp and continue to stir in the stomach.


In America, frequent contests on eating a variety of foods, including not always edible. So Edward Archbold, member of one of the competition, fifty ate worms and a bucket of giant cockroaches.

Live eels

Live eels - another delicacy of Japanese cuisine. Their sake and seasoned with vinegar, and then swallow whole.



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