Florida Keys are associated with a truly unique Florida peninsula highway - it Overseas Highway, whose length is approximately 180 kilometers. Marine highway or highway in American - is part of the route US 1, on the Atlantic coast passing through the eastern United States, from Florida to the Canadian border. Moreover, it is also one of the longest highway in the world, which connects the island with the mainland. This highway was laid at the site of the old railway - in 1912 it built a millionaire Henry Morrison Flagler. Its length is equal to 160 kilometers - it was inconceivable figure, especially in those days, especially if you take into account that a large part of the road was built over the water. This road was built seven is, it has cost $ 50 million, but other than that there were killed 700 people. Unfortunately, this expensive acted only 23 years since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane terrible almost all destroyed it.

Then it was restored, but instead of the railway there paved roads on 42 bridges. One of them is a local landmark - a "Seven Mile Bridge» («Seven Mile Bridge»), since its length is seven miles, that is, approximately 11 kilometers.

KiUest Island is the ultimate point of the southern United States. Besides, this is the zero mile Overseas Highway. It even has a special red-black-yellow buoy - it says: "The southernmost point of the continental United States. 90 miles to Cuba ».

The island of Key West is pretty small its length 3, 2 km, and the width of 6, 4 kilometers. Despite the modest size of the island is truly a rich history, as in his time there lived and created many famous people. On this island there is even its own airport and the presidential residence "Little White House", as many American presidents have been coming here to relax. It is always good weather and the most beautiful sunset, and in general - this place - a dream for any tourist.

The remains of the Overseas Railroad still remain almost throughout the course. This unique engineering structure was built in the last 7 years and commissioned in 1912. Its construction was spent 27mln. dale., which in those days - a huge amount. The road is served until September 2, 1935. In that day to the Florida Hurricane Category 5 dubbed "Storm of the Century." Strong wind catching waves up to 5 meters, the substitution of the supports and the mound. The Great Depression, the rapid spread of cars and roads buried the road and finally it did not recover. Currently, she serves only local fishermen, who fill up with old bridges rods, yes pelicans.

This bridge - a movie star. If you've seen the movie "True Lies", then on it filmed the final chase hero Schwarzenegger for Arab terrorists.

11 kilometers of a thin strip of concrete creeping over the blue water of the water. In the center of the support tower for the passage of ships, forming a kind of springboard.

Source: fototelegraf.ru


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