Olympic champion got drunk and Nakuru

At the Olympics in Vancouver, inflames another scandal. At this time it is connected with the mistress of the Games,
Canadian hockey players who became Olympic champion after defeating the US team in the tournament final.
Joy female Canadian team was so great that they hurried to fully share it with their fans.
Having in his dressing room half an hour after the final siren, the athletes are back on the ice,
to continue the celebration of the Olympic victory. They did it with this scale.
In the eyes of fans, hockey players were drinking champagne straight from the bottle, drinking beer and smoking cigars. And that was just the beginning.
Irwin Bonhomm and posed for cameras, infusing each other frothy drink. But most distinguished Rebecca Johnston.
Fairly refueled with alcohol, she was trying to impress watching an orgy amazed the audience with his ability to drive a car to fill the ice.


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