The winged "Lun" Project 903

In 1987, the water went down, "Lun", the first ship of the series of combat missile-carrying WIG weighing 400 tons.
Was the chief designer V. Kirillov. The ship was armed with three pairs of cruise missiles 3M80 or 80M "Mosquito»
(NATO designation SS-N-22 Sunburn). The second "Lun" are founded as a missile,
but the outbreak of the conversion brought about changes, and its planned finish as life.
Modification Lun
Wing span, m 44.00
Length, m 73.80
Height, m ​​19.20
Wing area, m2 550.00
Weight, kg
empty aircraft 243000
maximum takeoff 380000
Engine Type 8 NC-87 turbojet
Thrust, kgf 8 x 13000
Maximum speed, km / h 500
Practical range, km 2000
Flight altitude on the screen, m 1-5
Seaworthiness, points 5-6
Crew 10
Armament: 6 PU RCC ZM-80 Mosquito


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