Rules of Life Little Prince

June 29, 1900 was born one of the most significant writers of France, this romantic and famous aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Probably the world's hard to find a person who has not heard of the beloved hero of this author - the little prince. Wise tale autobiographical parable, in which the writer has put the memories and experiences of his childhood, is considered the most widely read and translated book in the French language.

There is such a firm rule: rose early, washed, brought himself up - and immediately bring to order the planet.

Here's my secret, it is very simple: one heart vigilantly. The most important thing you will not see his eyes.

If you go all right yeah right, can not go far.

I'm afraid to be like adults, which nothing interesting except numbers.

Children need to be very lenient towards adults.

We must endure two or three caterpillars if you want to get acquainted with the butterflies.

Do you know why good deserts? Somewhere in her hidden springs.

With each need to ask what he can give. Body would be reasonable.

Judge himself. It is the judge trudnoe.Sebya much harder than others. If you can correctly judge yourself, then you are truly wise.

It is very sad when friends forget. Not every one was.

Just about anything asked to retreat, until you get an answer.

All roads lead to the people.

You live in their actions, not in the body. You - it's your actions, and you have no other.

You are forever responsible for all who tamed.


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