Double-decker train from Moscow to Adler

The new double-decker passenger trains began to run on the route "Moscow-Adler" in November on the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Despite the fact that the train is used for almost a year on this route, it still attracts the attention of others. Moreover, there are about dvuhetazhnike radically opposed reviews - from completely positive to quite critical. Ride on this train happened to me. One of the important advantages of a two-storey car - its increased passenger capacity, allowing Railways to reduce the cost of travel. The standard two-storey compartment carriage 64 beds (16 coupe), while in the normal car are only 36 (9 coupe).

The cars produced in Russia at Tver Carriage Works. There is only one route connecting the capital with the resort of Sochi. This year will be purchased another 50 double-decker cars. They will carry people from Moscow to St. Petersburg and Kazan.

I offer a ride along and see what it looks like inside the double-decker train.

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2. The train departs at 10 am from the Kazan station. Travel time - 25 hours. Note the difference in height compared to the conventional one-story carriage.

3. Conducts part of the latest two-system locomotive of the fifth generation - EP20. Can run on AC or DC.

4. On this route operates a dynamic pricing system - more than a train of empty seats, the cheaper travel costs. Even given a 10% discount when purchasing tickets to both sides. I bought a ticket for 2 days prior to departure at the price of 8000 rubles. If buying at least a week before the trip, the price will be around 5000 rubles.

5. Go inside. Tambour. Doors open from the button and close automatically. The transitions between the cars are sealed. On June 1, smoking in long-distance trains is forbidden, but some bad passengers picked open holes for ashtrays.

6. We pass on the train. On a standard floor level, a toilet and a variety of technical areas.

7. Each car has three toilets. This composting toilets, and use them at any time, including at bus stops.

8. On the contrary toilets containers for separate waste collection.

9. Pass on the first floor. Ceiling height just over 2 meters.

10. To lock the door to the compartment has a magnetic card.


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