How to make yourself a harmless trap for mosquitoes

If you do not have on hand the usual means of mosquitoes, which you often use, it does not mean that you will have fun is night hunting mosquitoes, for example, with a vacuum cleaner. You can make your own mosquito means, using the means at hand. Without chemicals, it is absolutely safe for human health.

This is probably one of the most popular (and most controversial, based on the different results) recipes mosquito control "with their hands", which can be found on the network. Furthermore, it has recently been used not only at home but also in public places. Last year, Dubai Municipality has decided to replace chemicals mosquito environmentally friendly analogue, which can be done independently. And even prepared for this clear scheme.

If the edges of the two parts of the bottle touch is not tight, they can seal with tape or other adhesive tape.

Shelf life - up to two weeks. Trap can be used both indoors and outdoors, avoiding it to direct sunlight.


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