Interesting facts about mosquitoes

1. The female mosquitoes live twice as long

Similarly, as the female humans are known to a man she is undergoing, but with a much larger difference. If the environment is favorable, the adult female mosquito can live for more than a month, while males do not live more than two weeks.

2. Bite only females

In fact, they do not bite, and suck. Finding purpose, it inserts a long and sharp proboscis into the skin, looking for blood plasma, which would feed her future eggs. If the victim does not respond, the female will feed until completely fill the stomach.

3. Competition in popularity

In order to find a mate, the males gather in large swarms at dusk, and the females choose. Interestingly, the size is not the main criterion for selection. Studies have shown that males are attracted to most mid-sized females because of their ability to last longer in the air.

4. In search of harmony ...

Buzz, where we learn about the approach of mosquitoes, is the result of rapid flapping of their wings. We now know that mosquitoes are synchronized oscillations wings to find a partner of the opposite sex.

5. They say "no" moving air

Due to the very light weight mosquitoes very difficult to maintain stable flight, and even more difficult to focus on the target, in the presence of obstacles.

6. "Mosquito" - the Spanish word, which means "little fly»

A little lesson Spanish: mosca - in Spanish means "to fly." In Spanish diminutive form of the main word used to describe something smaller, but still like. This is achieved by adding the word endings -ito. The result - a mosquito.

7. Bill Gates, too, with them fighting

The species Anopheles mosquito - the main vector of malaria. In February 2009, philanthropist Bill Gates released a swarm of mosquitoes at the TED conference in California to attract the attention of those present to the problem of financing the development of a vaccine against malaria. According to him, "not only the poor should feel it».

8. They do not necessarily think you are cute

Have you ever told that mosquitoes biting you because you're so cute? But in reality ... most attracts mosquitoes carbon dioxide that we exhale, and smell, which makes each person. By the way, they give preference to a sweaty people.

9. Once adults

The process of development of mosquito egg to adult is only 4 days. Komar never flies away from the nest. Basically, during his short life, they are looking for food in a radius of 1 to 2 kilometers from the place of his birth.

10. A lot ... it's about mosquitoes

In the world there are about 3000 species of mosquitoes, of which about 150-200 species are found in North America.


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