Portraits of flowers Isabelle Menin (Isabelle Menin)

Belgian woman photographer Isabelle Menin (Isabelle Menin) creates outrageously charming portraits of flowers, which are not only gorgeous in its form and color, but incredibly expressive in general.

As soon as the opened buds merge with the fading beauty of petals, merging into a single nebulous cloud of fragrance. Shades and colors reflected in the water, transforming a common pattern in the ephemeral, an exciting interplay of light with shadow. Considering each work Menin Isabelle (Isabelle Menin), you realize that she really has a direct relationship to painting. More than a decade has worked with Belgian canvas and paint, has not yet decided to change the profile and move to digital photography. Naturally, there are cost and without treatment. Each photo pictures includes several photos. Isabel calls his work disordered landscapes.


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