& quot; What I have & quot; - A project of Steve Rosenfield

Photographer Steve Rosenfield said that the people in the photos are always so cute, but each have their own skeletons in the closet. His project aims to reveal the truth.

Zli Not me, I can not control myself

And if I were a white-skinned, you would do the same to me I took


I'm afraid to give up her virginity

Whether a man

Em - I feel guilty. I feel guilty - it

If I am wrong, my family rejected me

Raped 5, gave birth at 16, sitting in jail, I'm 27

How can I choose if I look

When I look at myself in the mirror, I always cry

I wanted to rape

I am uncomfortable watching you in the eye

These people courageously confessed that worries them most. What do they see as their shortcomings.

My thoughts are terrible, they should stop

My pain in my heart, I still long you'll harass

Help me stop to reflect

Constantly hungry

Agree Prozac for depression

The last hope - my mind, and I limp and greasy


Too vulnerable

This collection - food for thought. Each struggles with their psychological trauma, although some may seem ridiculous and stupid to those who have no such problem. But we are all humans and each has its own problems.

Too skinny

Aunt Lo

In modern society, there are no standards, but persistently pushed each other at imaginary. We tried it for the kill, ridicule. I created a project in the hope that everyone who has seen take the diversity of the world will understand that we simply need each other people.

I'm too fat for normal life

You're so white-skinned, I envy you


I have problems with drugs

People who have agreed to participate, in my opinion, very bold and strong. She openly speak about their pain and try to fight it.

Stop staring at my chest

Worst of all be one

I feel shy of his body, but it is not bruised

I was a man

I only think about a career

Generally archival photographic project hundreds of photos, almost a thousand. If you are interested, to see how many people suffer from low self-esteem, from virtually insignificant problems, you are welcome to see yourself on the site whatibeproject.com. It is interesting that most of the problems are the same. We are not alone in this world. And everyone thinks that everyone is all right, and he is the only one and unique.

I'd rather you all together

I'm not as nice as you

I'm not good enough for men and women. For all


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