Weapon assault 2nd World War

Model «Welbike» was equipped with a small, 98-cc two-stroke engine, power 1.5 hp The engine was placed between the tubes of the frame,
for the fuel tank. Steering wheel and seats down, making, motorcycle was placed in a special container and could be coerced
embattled in a few minutes after landing.

Manufactured by Excelsior for the British armed forces from 1942 to 1948. and intended for use in airborne troops. Weight: 70 feet (~ 32 kg). Max. speed: 30 miles / hr (~ 48 km / h). Cruising range without refueling: 90 miles (145km).

Welbike dropped by parachute packed in a cylindrical container with a diameter of 15 inches (38 cm).

After landing paratroopers in seconds can get Welbike from the capsule and bring it to working condition.


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