Personal personal air conditioner

Heat in Moscow continues to break records, people did whatever inventive ways of cooling, as it can. This is an instruction for the manufacture of air conditioning at home. Further, text and photo Shura Luberets.

in the absence of tin, my unit is assembled by hudozhesvennoy thread on plastic bottles. It will take two or three bottles and computer cooler (size is chosen according to the bottles, I was 8 × 8), and in addition - a bit of paper and masking tape. It is necessary to make three parts shown in photo form:

Burn holes or soldering iron or cut with a knife. Cone with holes is inserted into a glass:

Now for the fan. In the remaining part insert fan, like this:

And secured it with tape, simultaneously closing the gap:

Unlike kanonichnoy second version - the fan is installed on the horn, deflecting the air flow in the right direction.


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