Beijing. Travel Notes, Part 1

In China, everything is very sad with the Internet. I, as a person with an internet addiction, the first day was given particularly hard. Let's begin with the banal: half sotssetey blocked. In China, there is Twitter, Facebook, Yutuba, but have their Chinese counterparts. Moreover, all the banal means circumvent locks for a long time covered. No plug-ins for chromium and turbo mode in Opera nothing.

Foreign Internet generally works badly. For the disgusting meets Chinese system "Golden Shield", the great Chinese firewall that blocks all. That is, a post on Google, I was able to open only once, and then only with the phone. Almost all of the services Google or blocked, or very limited speed, so you can not use them. All requests are filtered. Normally works only Chinese Internet and the Google translator. Google-maps on the iPhone, too blocked, had to return to full-time program epplovskuyu cards to somehow navigate. FTP is my reason that the Chinese also cut ((((, photographs had through Skype to Moscow to pass. All day yesterday trying to find in Beijing normal internet, but so far without success. Tomorrow I will try to buy a local sim card and get things going through your phone. One joy: Learn Here, apparently, was on the list of Chinese websites, and works fine. Learn and Skype - the only thing I've got left.

The second problem in China - with the language. There is almost no one speaks in English. No special application on the phone you do not explain to the taxi driver where to go. Meet English-speaking Chinese is almost impossible. I miraculously managed yesterday to buy a ticket at the station for the train. Still, years of practice sign language greatly help in any journey.

56 photo source.

As soon as I relaxed, life just puts me in my place, podsylaya me all crooks. By nature, I am very gullible and vulnerable people, and swindlers use it. Here in Beijing I was immediately on arrival the taxi driver is cheating. And I realized that this layout, but was too lazy to escape from it. Bussing old: the taxi driver went to the city is not on the counter, and for some a fixed price, which is 5 times more.

I went to learn how to live Beijingers. Sleeping areas for the rich ...

Look how cute boxes ...


Yesterday was Sunday, yards scones traded

Yard easier - all the parked cars. Chinese yards in general are very similar to ours, with the only difference that here absolutely no playgrounds!

Chinese playing cards

Shear on the street

Barber suggested mow


... Playing the game is called?

The solution with the two-storey car park in the yard. The lower level has a free cell. If you need to pull the car from the top, the bottom of the cell apart. When parking in the courts of Moscow will be paid, as it happens, we have these things will also be set.

Quite popular Chinese machine - mopedomobil some. In the courtyard of the owner catches his car to the post at the castle.

A larger Mopeds-mobile.

In order for the courts not to call any leftist cyclists, pedestrian entrance is made here in the form of the maze. For cars, bicycles and mopeds - a separate entrance with a pass.

People live here easier.

Kitchen garden, just like in Odessa.

All the windows of the lattice - they steal.


All Beijing is now rides on electric scooters. Most of them are some scary old designs, often with a car battery.

Bicycles are also old, rusty, and the collapsed for the most part. In general, the technique of its Chinese somehow poorly monitored

Brazen cyclists flooded everything. They think that if they bought a bike, you can throw him right in front. ;) Courtyard - it will not veloparkovki!

The entrance. Well, what is it ?! Bicycle parking should be paid to do!

Okay, let's see how people live poorer - Beijing homeless. They live on the banks of the scenic river.

Someone made a house out of the closet.

Someone is sleeping on the couch, after erecting for the new "house" roof of cartons

Someone more substantial house in the city sewer collector.


Cooking dinner

No firecrackers and fireworks!

Machine wash on the street

In Beijing, there is a city bike rental. Take a bike only with the help of some local maps. All Chinese only. Never seen these bikes are at least someone enjoyed. We did the Olympics project, now it is idle.

Passing by, I decided to look at the Tiananmen Square, the heart of the Chinese nation. Outside China, the area has gained notoriety in connection with the shooting of students in June 1989 in China this is not to say. Generally in China a lot about what not to say, for example, on the issue of Tibet. Google just paid for his "indiscretion." We do not want to be removed at the request of the Chinese authorities information about the shooting of the students from the search results. Access to the area - and only after the inspection framework.

Crowds of tourists and souvenir sellers. I do not understand why all come here?

All transitions coming occupied souvenir sellers. China - the only country in the world where all the souvenirs of local production)))).
In the center - an interesting notched ramp to his feet do not slip.

The driver of a tourist bus resting

On the square drive on these electric stools cleaners. Very funny. Only someone tossed a piece of paper, both parties bear different men with blue box and forceps. Like any fish.

No freedom photos!

Business Quarter.

The headquarters of CCTV, China Central Television. It was built for the project studio OMA. Because of its unusual shape of the building has acquired the nickname "panties»

The tallest building in Beijing - 330 meters. On the upper floors of the hotel. Yet there is an observation, but it is always closed because of the wind.

On the 80th floor there is a restaurant and The Lounge bar atmosphere. Nice view of the city. Cocktails at the bar - about $ 15, the service is bad, but the views are good. You can just go up and take pictures.

View from the cigar room.

The main street of Beijing, Tiananmen Square in the distance lights

Business Quarter.

Once in Beijing, I went there in the evening Peking duck. The duck was a miracle as well


Street food


The modern church))). By the way, the first time I've seen Apple-sided, where the Internet is blocked. It works only Apple's website.

On the streets selling lasers.

All shopping

Pedestrian street


That's all, tomorrow is the continuation about Beijing - a city of contrasts



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