Synchronous operation of the brain

The methods and speed of information processing in both hemispheres different. The left hemisphere - which is traditionally compared with a digital computer using binary binary code similar to the concept of Yin and Yang, is slower on discrete, sequential principle of reflection and analysis. It builds a black and white image as a logic circuit (skeleton).

The right hemisphere processes the signals holistically instantaneously; it builds the image of the texture, to the extent and in the color and other characteristics of the holographic image. But the scheme of the image taken by the right hemisphere from the left in the form of meaning or concept.

In everyday life, the human mind is constantly torn between the left and right hemispheres, depending on the circumstances. For example, when a person solves a problem, dominates the left hemisphere, but at the sound of music power immediately seizes the right hemisphere.

Efficiency peaks brain occur in those moments when thinking of both hemispheres are merged into one synchronized.

The ability to adapt and adequate reaction caused the so-called reciprocal interactions - vzaimotormozyaschim influence hemispheres, very finely and precisely balancing in every moment of the most advantageous ratio of figurative and abstract thinking.

Complementary interaction combines the ability of the two hemispheres. For example, when the mathematician operates multidimensional space and imaginary quantities, it is extremely sharpened abstract thinking. But the same man driving a car in an emergency, be able to avoid the disaster, only to instantly reach a very real space and the very real things that is extremely aggravating imaginative perception.

Such a complex two-pronged nature of hemispheric interaction ˝optimiziruet˝ mental activity and behavior, allowing always have ready reserves.


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