As Roma live in the Czech Republic (30 photos)

As Russian imagine the Czech Republic? Ancient castles, neat houses, Prague, Karlovy Vary, skiing, porcelain, "Vilkopopovitsky Goat." But there is another Czech. City Bridge in the north of the Czech Republic, the gypsy neighborhood Khans (Chanov). It is home to some gypsies. All of this was built, there was something completely new, just a decade ago. District intended specifically for Roma, who have always positioned themselves miserable and all the oppressed. Today, these houses are not running sewage, heating, plumbing - all communication, all the plumbing pilfered and sold. To heat homes, cut down trees and Roma generally tow anything that burns (see. Photo defeated garages). Now all this horror will be demolished and build by the new EU Roma houses so they finally stopped screaming, the Czechs - racists.


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