Vanessa Paradis in the new issue of French Elle

Vanessa Paradis took part in a photo shoot for a fresh release of the popular glossy magazine Elle. As a photographer made famous photographer and creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. The photos showed the star new and unfamiliar to many way. Vanessa showed off a new short-haired with a mischievous nap in a punk style. The very photoshoot sustained in the same mood: Paradis posing in leather multilayer clothes, smokes and incinerates the audience with his eyes.

Vanessa Paradis on the cover of Elle

Vanessa Paradis in the new issue of Elle

In an interview with Vanessa said that is not yet ready to go under the surgeon's knife:

"I do not blame the plastic, but at this point never seen conclusive results┬╗
And also said that mischievous short haircut made specially for the film "Rio, I love you!┬╗


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