Summing up the year

Come to an end next year, you have watched a lot of interesting news.
We offer to recall the news that have been viewed the most number of times.
For example:

Errors in Photoshop (45 photos)

The photographs recorded bloopers designers are not very demanding job, how much they paid for such work?

To the Porsche 911 Turbo 1997 for 520 tr.!?! (6 photos)

At one of the sites for the sale of technology, in this case the car, there was the announcement of the sale of the Porsche 911 Turbo 1997 for 520,000 rubles! There is a truth one nuance - the car is in Penza and one, well, it's nothing at all - requires a little decoration :))

Thank you dear, chav, chav ... (5 photos)

The story is this. Hillary Duff famous actress gave an engagement ring worth $ 1 million, it made Mike Roots - a famous hockey player from the NHL. The most interesting thing is, the girl returned thanks Man, she knows what to take ...

What is there in the background ?! (52 photos)

These pictures need to look very carefully, looking closely to each character, only then it will be possible to enjoy all the charm of the shooting. Pay attention to the background.

Most Visitors funky beach (18 photos)

As these people are not ashamed to show themselves naked, well, or very dumb clothes, is not clear. It is necessary to prohibit such individuals to undress on the beach or make a separate place for them.

How to put the road in the Netherlands (24 photos + video)

Tiger-Stone - a modern Dutch paver. The machine, which could pave the way almost everywhere, the process of the present work is fascinating. Interestingly, when we have such "nanotechnology" will introduce?


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