The next solar eclipse (18 photos)

Annular solar eclipse of the fifteenth of January 2010 - a 23-one-hundred-eclipse Saros. Area gets the best of its visibility in the equatorial and tropical latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Reaches maximum eclipse at coordinates 1.6 ° North latitude, 69.3 ° East longitude, lasts a maximum of 11 minutes, 8 seconds, and the width of the lunar shadow on the Earth's surface is 333 kilometers. At the time and point of maximum eclipse of the sun direction (azimuth) is 165 °, and the height of the sun above the horizon is 66 °. Dynamic world time at the moment of greatest eclipse: 7:07:39 amendment dynamic time: 67 seconds. The axis of the shadow of the Earth passes between the center and the north pole, the minimum distance from the center of the Earth to the Moon's shadow cone axis is 2552 kilometers. Thus, Gamma eclipse is 0.4002, and the maximum phase reaches 0.919. Number lunar month: 124 (124 synodic months have passed since adopted the zero point date January 6, 2000


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