UNDERWATER Xena Holloway

Fantastic underwater photos Xena Holloway (Zena Holloway) combine the highest skill shots and incredible magic atmosphere wonderful water world. Xena began to seriously engage in underwater photography in 1995, when she returned to the UK from abroad, where she worked for a long time underwater cameraman and scuba diver instructor.

Underwater photography is a very difficult task even for trained photographer. And not only in the technological complexity of filming under water, which is too different from traditional photography, but in the ability of the photographer to use the fantastic properties of water to transfer their ideas completely unimaginable way. Being completely self-taught, self Xena reached the heights of his skill, which now strikes us in her atmospheric works. Indeed, looking at the underwater pictures Xena unconsciously forget that surrounds the main characters, who move slowly in the water the air, as if born here. Xena knows the underwater world to perfection. By her own admission, diving into the open sea, it often allows itself to carry out sea currents. Today, the main customers of the original photos are large advertising agencies and numerous publications in the fashion world. When just beginning, it was not easy. Xena more than once tempted to throw everything, but found the strength to fight for the recognition of their work. Talent, perseverance, love of the sea and photography helped her finally overcome all difficulties. Today, Latest photo accompanies continued success. And her work is easily recognizable thanks to unique style and unfailing charm underwater.


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